All of our rooms are spacious, light and cheerful.  They are all of walk in height and have multiple levels for your cat’s enjoyment.  Each room is equipped with a scratch pole, a ramp up to a window shelf, a plush bed and a curtained area for privacy.  There is ample space for your kitty to play, jump and enjoy themselves.  A cubby box, play toys, tunnels and blankets can also be provided.  

Every room has a secured, opening window allowing the fresh summer breezes through and offering a great view of our wildlife which includes native Australian birds, Wallabies and regular visits from the Koalas.  

At Cat’s Cradle we offer a choice of either a standard or patio room, both of which are available in single or family sized suites.  Internally, both room types have exactly the same layout, however the patio rooms provide our guests with access via the window to their own private court yard. 

Hundreds more photographs of our happy guests can be found in our Facebook Gallery.