Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the cats tended to?

Our guests are tended to twice daily with cuddles/play time in between.  Our morning routine usually starts around 7am.  Each room is thoroughly cleaned, windows opened, litter trays replenished and fresh water and biscuits provided.  Your cat may meander around the cattery whilst cleaning is in process.  In the afternoon litter trays are again cleaned and prepared for overnight.  The evening meals are served with a top up of water and extra biccies.  All guests are secured inside overnight.  In between our morning and afternoon opening hours our guests may have some one on one time in the reception area.  This is done on a rotational basis.  

Will my cat be housed or let out with other cats?

No.  We only house cats together if they are from the same family.  Our play sessions are either individual or family cat sessions.

What do you feed your guests?

We stock Black Hawk and Royal Canin dry foods.  Both are premium quality brands.  We also have a wide range of wet food such as Fancy Feast, Purr and Dine.  Generally our guests are fed dry food in the morning which is replenished in the afternoon when a wet serve is also provided.  If this feeding schedule does not suit your cat we will be more than happy to accommodate.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes.  If your cat is on a special diet or you would just prefer to keep them on their usual food, you are most welcome to provide this to us.  Please ensure all foods are securely packaged and labelled.  Any food to be stored in the freezer should be minimally packaged as space is limited.  We would ask for freezer bagged or glad wrapped portions rather than containers.

Can I bring my cat’s own bed/toys etc?

Absolutely!  We provide everything necessary for your cat’s holiday with us however you are most welcome, and indeed encouraged to bring anything that may help your cat to feel more at home.  Our customers often bring their cat’s own bed, toys, or something that smells like their owners such as a T-shirt or blanket.  You may also wish to bring their brush for some pampering.

Are all guests vaccinated and desexed?

All guests must hold a current F3, F4 or F5 vaccination status.  Proof of this must be supplied to us before we will allow your cat to stay with us.  Please see boarding requirements (link).

We will accept cats up to 6 months of age that are not desexed.

Can a daily update be provided?

We keep a daily report of your cat’s health and well being during their stay with us.  This report is given to you when you collect your cat.  We also post pictures/updates almost daily on our Facebook page.  Whilst I am unable to send personal updates out to you daily, I would be more than happy to respond to any phone calls, emails or Facebook messages to provide an update.  I always tell my customers that I would much rather that they contacted me for an update rather than worry whilst they are away from their cat.  Providing peace of mind to our customers is paramount to us so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if my cat becomes unwell whilst in your care?

We will not hesitate to take your cat to a vet if we feel medical attention is required.  We will endeavour to contact you or an alternate contact on the numbers that you have provided to us to advise any concerns that we have and discuss the preferred course of action to be taken.  Should we be unable to contact you we will make the decision we feel is in the best interest of you cat.  Your cat will be taken to a vet of our choosing unless otherwise requested by the customer.  In some circumstances we may request to have the vet come to Cat’s Cradle to administer treatment.  

As per our conditions of boarding, all vet bills are to be settled by the cat owners.  

As the cat owner it is your responsibility to provide us with adequate contact details for either yourself or an alternate contact.  If you have a senior cat or you have any particular health concerns and will not be easily contactable whilst you are away, it is a good idea to notify your vet that you will be away and advise any specific requests/costings for treatment.

Are you able to accommodate for special needs / medicated / diabetic / elderly cats?

At Cat’s Cradle we have been able to accommodate a variety of guests with special needs and/or medical conditions.  Please call us to discuss if your cat has any particular health requirements.