Services and Requirements

As passionate cat lovers, our number one priority is ensuring that all our guests are happy and healthy whilst in our care.  Our cattery has been purposely built and designed to provide for the maximum comfort, security, health and well being of all of our guests, thereby providing peace of mind to owners that their precious feline is being well loved and cared for.

We offer:

  • Variety of spacious individual or family suites with ample space for play and exercise
  • All our suites are modern, bright and airy, all with own personal window
  • 12 suites with own outdoor court yard looking out over our beautiful surroundings
  • Impeccably clean and secure
  • Fully insulated and reverse cycle air conditioned
  • Split level spacious suites with choice of elevated sleeping areas
  • Choice of plush bedding, toys and scratch poles
  • Plenty of personal attention and loving care
  • Quiet and serene outlook with no traffic or dogs
  • Medication administration (upon request)
  • Exercise wheel and cat feature wall
  • Nutritious meals

Inspections: Viewings of our cattery facility are most welcome and indeed encouraged.  To arrange an inspection please call or email our office to make an appointment during our opening hours.  We are a very busy facility that operates with minimal staff so during periods where we are heavily booked, we may not be able to accommodate viewings that have not been previously arranged.

Boarding Requirements

In the interests of all our guests, we ask the following:


All cats must have completed a full vaccination course (Minimum F3) and hold a current vaccination certificate showing the last vaccination was given within the previous 12 months.  Proof of current vaccination status is required upon admission for boarding.

For kittens, a full vaccination course consists of 3 injections usually a month apart, plus a 14 day period after the 3rd injection to achieve full immunity.  Generally kittens are at least 18 weeks old before they obtain a vaccination status sufficient that they may be accepted for boarding. 

For adult cats where vaccination status has lapsed, your cat is then required to have 2 injections a month apart, plus a 14 day period after the 2nd injection to achieve full immunity before they can be accepted for boarding.  Therefore if your cat does not hold a current vaccination status a minimum 6 week period is required to complete a sufficient vaccination program. 

  • Please flea treat your cat one week prior to check in.  Cats found to be carrying fleas will have a flea treatment administered at a cost to you.
  • We recommend a worming treatment at least two weeks prior to their stay.
  • Cats over 6 months of age must be desexed.
  • Please label all medication with your cat’s name, dosage, time and administration instructions.
  • Cats must be transported to and from the cattery in a secure pet carrier which will remain with us for the duration of their stay.